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As many of you may have heard that the american are turning nuts now about all sexual actions and porn sites. There is a new Law called FOSTA (Fight Online Sex Traffic Act) which means that this will hit the whole porn industry very hard.

The first big sites in the US as backpage and others have been allready taken down and one of our main payment site too. Now this was just the start of a big chaos.



From 1st of May the TOS will be changed:

5.6  (c) Do not upload, download or share inappropriate images (e.g. nudity, bestiality, pornography).

What means that even if you would be chatting private with your girl friend skyping her that you want to “fuck her” on the weekend will be a reason to DELETE your account! Nuts yes!

What does that mean? What do we have to change?

-> All OUTLOOK, LIVE, MSN and HOTMAIL EMIALS are not allowed to contain any bad explicit language or nude pics. If you have sigend up to one of the cam sites or tube sites then you will have to change that too. Best solution is to have an own server. If you like more information on which servers you can use (because many of them don’t allow nudity also) or if you are a content provider and cam girl/male too contact me on admin at

If you don’t have an own server then you can search for other free mails i.e. in Europe. But always look through their TOS! The option to get a “fake” mail is NOT recommended as many sites don’t allow those mails.

-> Office 365 is free, bought or online -> you are not allowed to write i.e. an “erotic story” using that programm. This also includes the Notepad.

-> Bing search engine is also included in the non porn and rough words TOS

-> Microsoft cloud: all nude pics (including tits only) will have to be DELETED. Here I recommend to buy an external drive to save. Best one is Transcend as it is shock-resitent  But REMEMBER you CAN’T send any nude pics or movies through any Microsoft mail or skype!

-> SKYPE no nudity, no cam shows, no pics just prudish small talk is allowed only! And if you think they won’t chatch you then you might prove to be wrong. You will loose full access to skype which means you won’t be able to skype private or for business if you breach the rules. They will search for keywords and this will go faster than you can look ):

So what is the alternative to Skype?

Well hangout is surely NOT the solution as I’m sure that also Google wiil change acording to FOSTA law. The only way to continue a sexy time with caming is changing to sites that are outsite of the states and have been on the market for a long time. Which means genuine sites where men have an 100% secure payment system and still can enjoy loads of fun.

My recommendations of sites I’ve been working with since over 7 years now:

777 adult cam site

The Netherlands is a very liberal and free country I am working with 777 cam since a long time. On this site I am available for cam shows and got loads of movies / galleries online too.

Link to my profile: click here

Link to ALL girls online click here

This site is in English, Deutsch, Nederlands and Russian



This is my own domain name and I am working together with livestrip a german based site since many years . This site also offers webcam, movies, pictures and for some countries phone chat (D, AT, CH, NL)

At signup you get 10 minutes for free. But note that the sound option is only available if you are a

premium member. Also on RedPointCasting you can watch me on live cam and download several sexy movies of me. 

To go and see ALL available girsl click here

My personal site can be found

This site is in following languages: Deutsch, English, Francais, Espanol, Türk, Cesky, Norsk, Polski, Nederlands, Italiano, Suomi



This site offers not only webcam but also live phone sex! Also on there you can find loads of movies to download. This site is also based in Netherlands and I have been with them since 2013. Payment is also as on all other sites 100% secure!

To visit me there click here

Languages: The site is in English, Deutsch, Nederlands but the girls speak many other languages too.


MyDirtyHobby UK, US, ESP, F, I, D, CH, AT

This is the site I have been on the longest. I did upload my first movie there in November 2011. It is mainly a German speaking site, but many girls do speak also other languages. MyDirtyHobby is now also avaliable for UK and the States. The site is based in Germany and is 100% genuine and reliable.

The girls can choose the languages they speak and translate the movies themselves so that gives access to many different countries.

I have uploaded over 370 movies and 6’100 pictures. I am also there to chat and for cam shows.

Visit my site click here

Next steps

For the moment I will still be available on some of the US sites – mainly content sites – but I will focus on the European sites more. Also not to loose income and also you as a viewer can buy tokens on my above sites without having  to bother. All those sites have been paying me since years on time, their customer support is AAA and most important they are under European Law so not hit by this stupid FOSTA US law!

I am avalable mostly on all above sites in the afternoon between 3pm and 8pm GMT+1. I have got a split cam programm, an Logitech HD922 cam and fast glas fibre optic internet. That is why you will find me on all sites at the same time except if I am in a private show.

Skyprivate members: If you are a paid member of Skyprivate I will do the last shows this week Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So if you sitll have some credits there let’s use them for a hot play.

I will keep updating what is happening with the US sites. If you are not allready a member of my FREE blog please subscribe to my FREE newsletter by using below form.

NOTE: Take a look at your SPAM folder as the confirmation mail will perhaps land in that file!



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