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Thanks for sigining up to my free fanclub site. I’m reknown as SwissMature and SpicyHoneyMilf, a sweet sexy 55 mature pornstar. My Swiss friends call me Susi Suess what means as much as Susi Sweet. And I do my best to keep fit, sexy, horny and sweet for you.

Here you will get loads of news about me. Today I was working on my blog here and also on my nutritional blog. This blog is for any man or woman who wants to keep fit especially for those who are reaching the 40ies soon and them over. I’ve been a nutritional coach and wellness coordinator since over 20 years, also working with many of medicals on Harley Street in London. I always am looking what are the new ways to keep slim and what makes sense. What has that to do with sex. Oh well loads. With men, many of over 40ies suffer as they love a sexier body, want a big hard cock and we women put on weight and just think it must be like that. But it isn’t. Also there are many ways of workout, but not everything is effective. Can you loose belly fat through workout? My friend Mike Geary is answering those questions too. If I caught your interest please also sign up to my blog secretwellnesstips.

Sex and fitness come together lol. So now about sex and what you will get for free in my newsletter:

I will publish some more galleries, links to free movies and horny stories. For my Swiss Fans I also have sex stories in Swiss. You will receive the newest information and updates about my porncastings and what kind of movies I’ve just published.

… and there are some further interesting projects i.e. for webmasters coming soon. So please my friends, save my email address to your contacts so you don’t miss out the hottest news from the hottest, sexiest mature in the net.

Would you love a sexy horny gardener for next summer?


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